Zig Zag Railway Route Download

Version 1.5 - Experience the excitement of driving a train.

This route is a "stand-alone" Open Rails (OR) installation and can be set up to run independently of MSTS. Note: The full route and rolling stock is designed to run in Open Rails only. Running the route in MSTS may cause a series of error messages in MSTS.

This route is a demonstration route for OR, and is designed to allow new users to quickly and easily run Open Rails without the "normal" requirements to install multiple components. The route also has a series of activities which are designed to allow users to learn the key basic functions required to drive a train.

The tutorial activities are as follows

To view some scenes on the route see the screenshots page.

Once users have mastered the basic OR operations, then they can expand their operational scenarios by searching for different content, such as routes and rolling stock to further enhance their experiences.

This route has been packaged such a way that it allows two different installation options.

To install this route, follow these steps:

Once installation is finished a reference document will be opened to describe how to Start and Exit from an activity, as well as how to Save and Restore an activity.

Other documentation for the Tutorial Activities, and generally on the ZZ Route history and operations can be found in the Zig Zag Route Documentation folder in the root folder (au_great_zig_zag).

Note: To successfully run the activities a number of optional game settings need to be applied (see the Open Rails Settings section in the activity documentation). These can be applied by selecting the Options button on the opening screen, and navigating to the relevant TAB in the window that comes up.

For a more cutomised installation process see the route installation instructions.

Zig Zag Railway Zig Zag Railway - v1.5 Full Route and Rolling Stock Content - For OR Users only.
(Updated to support new features added to OR v1.5. It is recommended that older versions of Zig Zag are removed before installing v1.5. Prev version downloads = 125,445.)
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